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Private School Parents




1 Hour


About the Course

As a parent, do you ever wonder about all the "why's" behind your child's Private School? Or are you considering the private school world and have so many questions? The cost, the rules, the fundraising, etc? In this short one-hour course, Suzy Russell dives into all of the why's behind so many Private Schools and why they do what they do. There is a Q&A portion at the end of the course where she allows parents to bring their questions to the table. This class is extremely informative and eye-opening.

Your Instructor

Suzanne Russell

Suzanne Russell

Suzanne Russell is the Founder and CEO of Over the Moon. With over 15 years of experience in raising three children, being a full-time working parent, and an educator to hundreds over the years, she has a wealth of scientific knowledge infused with anecdotal experience that she brings forth in her classes.

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